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The Lutheran World Federation (LWF) Nepal, a country program of the LWF World Service (WS), has been working with marginalized and disadvantaged communities of Nepal since 1984 on Disaster Risk Reduction and Emergency Preparedness and Response; Sustainable Livelihoods, and Community-led Actions for Governance and Justice. Its core commitments are Human Rights; Impartiality; Inclusion and Participation; Accountability; Gender Justice and Climate Justice; and Environmental Sustainability.


People in Nepal, living in a just society in peace and dignity, united in diversity and empowered to achieve their full potential, claim their universal rights, meet their basic needs and improve their quality of life


Inspired by God’s love for humanity, LWF Nepal responds to and challenges the causes and effects of human suffering and poverty

Core values

  • Dignity and Justice: Respect for the dignity of every person. LWF Nepal empowers and supports vulnerable communities in their efforts to achieve justice, human rights and a sustainable future. We address the underlying causes of poverty and exclusion and work for a more equitable distribution of power, resources and opportunities.
  • Compassion and Commitment: Care and compassion for those who are suffering. We are committed to being professional in program management and implementation.
  • Inclusion and Respect for Diversity: Respect for diversity within the communities.  LWF Nepal works with and encourages diversity and respect within its workforce.
  • Transparency and Accountability: Commitment to transparency in all its motives, actions, programs, financial decisions and results. We aim to balance accountability toward affected populations, to government, partners and donors.

Core Commitments

  • Human Rights: Human rights are at the core of all that LWF Nepal stands for, its actions and operations.
  • Impartiality: LWF Nepal assists disaster-affected people, irrespective of caste and ethnicity, gender, age, religion, race or political conviction. Assistance is provided in response and relative to need, without discrimination or favoritism.
  • Inclusion and Participation: LWF Nepal is committed to be inclusive and enable the full and equitable participation of women and men, people with disabilities, indigenous and minorities and Dalits in all programs and decision-making processes.
  • Accountability: Guided by the LWF/DWS Accountability Framework, we are committed to maintaining high levels of staff competence and professionalism, and continued affirmation and adherence to HAP Standards, SPHERE and being accountable to the populations and communities our programs assist for maintaining the highest standards.
  • Gender Justice: LWF Nepal includes gender perspectives in all aspects of its work and undertakes specific advocacy and awareness-raising initiatives to change attitudes and practices and to institutionalize gender justice.
  • Climate Justice and Environmental Sustainability: We are committed to incorporating environmental concerns into all development decisions and operations aiming at behavioral change, increased resilience and reduced vulnerability and shall apply Climate Adaptation Framework Tool across all programs. 
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